Science Festival Exhibit – Repeating Patterns in Evolution

Cambridge Science Festival logoThe Map of Life is pleased to have been accepted as part of this Spring’s Cambridge Science Festival. Between 14th and 27th of March there will be free events and activities about science all over Cambridge. If you are in the area, come along to learn and enjoy!

During the BIG ‘family day’ on Saturday 19th March the Map of Life will have an interactive exhibition about convergent evolution at the University Museum of Zoology. We’ll be there between 11am and 4pm- do come along to explore something new! For those that would prefer to attend a talk, Professor Simon Conway Morris will be delivering a lecture on convergent evolution on the evening of Wednesday the 23rd March, followed by a free drinks reception at the University Centre, Mill Lane.

Here is an excerpt about the Map of Life exhibit from the Cambridge Science Festival Programme brochure, which will be released in print and online in a few weeks:

Image mosaic

Map of Life: Repeating Patterns in Evolution

Throughout the history of life on Earth, distantly related organisms have often evolved amazingly similar solutions to survival in their habitats. Explore these repeating or ‘convergent’ patterns at the Map of Life, an exhibit bursting with fascinating information about convergence in every branch of the tree of life, from microbes to animals, plants and fungi. Have a go at discovering repeated patterns in the evolution of fierce marine predators, gliding animals, desert plants and more! You can even continue your explorations at home through our online resource.

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