Evolution talk at Reigate Grammar School

Reigate Grammar SchoolOn 3rd February Professor Simon Conway Morris, who heads the Map of Life project, visited sixth form students of Reigate Grammar School to give a talk on evolution. Simon was invited by Mr Tom Dare, the Head of Biology at Reigate. Tom studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and so is familiar with Simon’s extensive work in evolutionary biology and palaeontology.

Conscious mindThe talk covered several areas of evolutionary biology where fascinating outstanding or unsolved questions remain to be explored. As may be imagined, highlighting the nature of consciousness as one of these ‘unsolved’ questions provoked a great deal of debate among the students!

We hope that through engagement with such debates, as well as exploration of resources like the Map of Life, these and other young minds will be inspired to learn more about nature’s patterns and processes. Their future endeavours will push forward the frontiers of knowledge about today’s ‘unsolved questions’, no doubt delivering solutions to vital practical problems at the same time.

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