Media coverage for the Map of Life

An engaging press release about the Map of Life and its forthcoming exhibit at the Cambridge Science Festival was sent out to the media this week, co-ordinated by Dr Louise Walsh and her team at the University of Cambridge press office.

Australia's "thorny devil" is convergent with America's desert horned lizard

We have been delighted with the response we’ve received already. An article about us appears in today’s local paper, the Cambridge News, and we are featured on the science news website PhysOrg News. In addition, the University of Cambridge is now showcasing the Map of Life on their News pages online, featuring a Flikr slideshow with various beautiful examples of convergence.

A news article about the Map of Life is due to be published later in March in the University of Cambridge magazine and website “Research Horizons”. There we give a taster of what convergent evolution is about, how the project works and what is in store for the future of the Map of Life. We are indebted to Dr Louise Walsh and Rachel Berkowitz for their help with this article and interest in our work!

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