Media coverage as Science Festival approaches

Dr Louise Walsh and her team at the University of Cambridge press office send out a press release about the Map of Life last week. We are continuing to receive notice of new mentions online and in the local and national media. It’s great that news of the Map of Life is spreading!

Ingham's WorldOn the web, a number of high profile science news sites have featured the Map of Life, including SciGuru and MyScience – the Portal for Research and Innovation. The Map of Life was top of the University of Cambridge “Daily Digest” on the 7th March, and it was mentioned John Ingham’s nature column “Ingham’s World” in the Daily Express. Locally, the newspaper Cambridge First printed a story on the Map of Life, as did the Cambridge News (reported in our previous blog).

CSF logoAs well as our recent media coverage, we look forward to sharing the Map of Life with many visitors to the 2011 Cambridge Science Festival. The Map of Life will have an exhibit about convergent evolution at the University Museum of Zoology from 11:00 – 17:00 as part of “Science on Saturday” on 19th March and Professor Simon Conway Morris will deliver a public lecture “Is evolution predictable?” at the University Centre at 6pm on Wednesday the 23rd March. Both of these events promise to fun, educational and inspiring parts of the 2011 Festival.

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