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So, ARE there limits to evolution?

Cambridge plays host to many meetings each year but few as unique and ambitious as the “Are There Limits to Evolution” conference that took place over two sunny days this September. Professor Simon Conway Morris and his team from the … Continue reading

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An asymmetric diet of snails

One of the new entries on the Map of Life highlights some of the extraordinary convergences relating to snake and lizard feeding. Perhaps the most charismatic example relates to some beautiful neo-tropical snakes who have become truly adept at extracting snails from their … Continue reading

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How is a sea urchin like an insect eye?

Sea urchins and starfish may not be the first creatures that come to mind when pondering animal eyes, but they are full of surprises. Many echinoderms (sea urchins, starfish, brittle-stars, sea cucumbers and sea lillies) are sensitive to light. Certain … Continue reading

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Hunt for eggs and be the science behind camouflage

Ever wanted to hunt for digital eggs instead of chocolate ones at Easter? Perhaps not, but here is a brilliant online game about hunting for nightjar eggs that is both fun and calorie-free! Do have a go and be a valuable part … Continue reading

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Highlighting the Tree of Life

Are you interested in the ins and outs of how organisms are related to each other? The Map of Life has recently discovered a new ‘explorer’ tool that allows fascinating adventures amid the winding branches of the Tree of Life. … Continue reading

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Are there limits to evolution?

What will evolutionary biology look like in 50 years? More of the same or will there be new paradigms, new syntheses? What lies on the horizon? The impact of evolution is undeniable, but it can be viewed through different lenses. … Continue reading

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Aurornis xui: a new piece in the bird evolution puzzle

As more and more stunning feathered reptile fossils are unearthed in China the tale of the origin of birds and the evolution of flight becomes more and more complicated. Did powered flight, as in the birds, evolve once only or … Continue reading

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