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Cambridge Science Festival 2016 – data and knowledge

It’s back and it’s even bigger than before, the veritable feast of exploration and adventure that is the Cambridge Science Festival. Head on over to the 2016 site to find out what this year is all about and what events … Continue reading

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Follow an Expedition into the Deep

The deep sea of the Gulf of Mexico is about to come under the microscope. Dr Edie Widdie and colleagues from Team ORCA (Ocean Research and Conservation Association) are running an expedition from 14 – 27 July. They will explore … Continue reading

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The Runes of Evolution: a fresh new read on convergence

For those fascinated by the living world, a great treat is in store. About to hit the shelves is a new publication about convergent evolution, The Runes of Evolution: How the Universe Became Self-Aware. This book is by the renowned biologist Professor … Continue reading

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A Festival of Light: Map of Life at the Cambridge Science Festival 2015

This year’s much anticipated Cambridge Science Festival was a great celebration of scientific discovery, exploration, ideas and research around the theme of LIGHT. Throughout a dynamic and busy fortnight thousands of people joined in a rich programme of talks, hand-on activities … Continue reading

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So, ARE there limits to evolution?

Cambridge plays host to many meetings each year but few as unique and ambitious as the “Are There Limits to Evolution” conference that took place over two sunny days this September. Professor Simon Conway Morris and his team from the … Continue reading

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Hunt for eggs and be the science behind camouflage

Ever wanted to hunt for digital eggs instead of chocolate ones at Easter? Perhaps not, but here is a brilliant online game about hunting for nightjar eggs that is both fun and calorie-free! Do have a go and be a valuable part … Continue reading

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Are there limits to evolution?

What will evolutionary biology look like in 50 years? More of the same or will there be new paradigms, new syntheses? What lies on the horizon? The impact of evolution is undeniable, but it can be viewed through different lenses. … Continue reading

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Aurornis xui: a new piece in the bird evolution puzzle

As more and more stunning feathered reptile fossils are unearthed in China the tale of the origin of birds and the evolution of flight becomes more and more complicated. Did powered flight, as in the birds, evolve once only or … Continue reading

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Convergence (and refurbishment) at the Zoology Museum

The University Museum of Zoology in Cambridge has very recently closed for major refurbishment and the Map of Life team look forward to seeing the results in 2016. You can follow the redevelopment at the Inside the Cocoon Blog and … Continue reading

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Public talk at Science Festival: Is evolution predictable?

On Wednesday 23rd March Professor Simon Conway Morris, co-ordinator of the Map of Life, gave a public evening talk on convergent evolution entitled “Is evolution predictable?“. The talk was a special part of the Cambridge Science Festival and took place … Continue reading

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