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Gliding in ants, bristletails and spiders

Tropical rainforest tree canopies offer an environment with unique rewards but also challenges for the many inhabitants, amongst which are wingless insects and other non-flying arthropods. Whilst they benefit from the abundant flowers and fruits found at the treetops, wingless … Continue reading

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Hunt for eggs and be the science behind camouflage

Ever wanted to hunt for digital eggs instead of chocolate ones at Easter? Perhaps not, but here is a brilliant online game about hunting for nightjar eggs that is both fun and calorie-free! Do have a go and be a valuable part … Continue reading

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Aurornis xui: a new piece in the bird evolution puzzle

As more and more stunning feathered reptile fossils are unearthed in China the tale of the origin of birds and the evolution of flight becomes more and more complicated. Did powered flight, as in the birds, evolve once only or … Continue reading

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